You Are Invited...


To the Second Annual Space Cowboy Ball

Celebrating the heroes of yesterday.
Recognizing the heroes of today.
Inspiring the heroes of tomorrow.


 Costumes are encouraged at this Black Tie event, but business attire is certainly welcomed.

It’s 2169. You’re invited to a formal affair at a space colony on the Moon or Mars.

What on Earth (or space) will you wear?

Join us for the first ever of its kind Must Attend event of the space year.

We will honour the Space Cowboys of the Past, the Present and the Future.

And then we dance…

What to Wear in 2117?

It's a hundred years in  future and you've been invited to a formal party on Mars. Think FireFly, Expanse, Kill Joys, BladeRunner, Star Wars, STEAM Punk, Old West…(toga?)

Our dress code  for SCG is Future/Frontier or Formal.

Imagine a high-end party on a frontier world of tomorrow. It’s time to dress up, show off and be your own hero. Be it a simple 20th century (retro) suit, Texas tuxedo, top hat and tails, a waistcoat or sci fi inspired gown, the SCG is designed to put the cool into space, and the Texas into tomorrow. After all, this is Austin, where weird meets wonderful and the Wild West meets New Worlds!

The Heroes of the Past

We stand on the shoulders of giants. The pioneers who put their lives and fortunes on the line to lay the foundation on which we stand are true heroes, who for little personal reward took a chance on a dream and helped to make it happen.

The Space Cowboys Ball is a landmark special event to celebrate their achievements and honor their work, offering their example to generations yet to come.

The Heroes of Today

Today’s space heroes are a new breed of can do entrepreneurs, engineers, investors and scientists who are building on that foundation and throwing open the airlock to space.

They are leading new projects, new companies and new initiatives to create a space economy that expands the trail blazed by the first explorers into a highway, and their first outposts into cities in the sky, on the Moon and Mars.


The Heroes of Tomorrow

The explorers, pioneers and settlers of tomorrow are sitting in the classrooms of today. Our goal is to make those dreams real and to prepare them for the job, and along the way inspire them for life.

As a part of this effort, the Space Cowboy Ball will honour the winner of our STEAM Space Conference Cities in Space design contest.

Permission to Dream
The Dream Makers

Recognizing those educators and inspirers who are finding new ways to create the same fire and passion that fueled the first space age in the generation that will lead the next.

Be it a teacher, mentor, writer, astronaut or artist, these people are also today’s space heroes, even as they inspire the heroes who will open the frontier.


Saturday November 11 2017 8:00 PM
This is a Black Tie event, costumes encouraged and cheered, but business attire is most certainly welcome as well.


Renaissance Austin Hotel & Conference Center

9721 Arboretum Boulevard

Austin, Texas 78759  

United States


The STEAM Space (Science Technology Art and Math) Education Project is part of New Worlds. We are inspiring children to focus on a positive future they can create, and to prepare themselves for that future through study and education in these identified areas. We are not just mouthing the words. We believe our children will have the chance to go to New Worlds. This attitude brings a level focus and reality to our work, and calls forth higher levels of achievement in those students with whom we interact.


New Worlds is a DBA of the EarthLight Institute. We are registered with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States as a 501c3 Charitable/Educational/Research organization. Our goal is to prepare the technologies, people and culture needed to explore and open the New Worlds of space. We have held 2 previous national level events since our founding two years ago, including the National Pioneering Space Summit in Washington D.C. and our first NW conference here in Austin in 2015. During the Nov. 4-5 period we will host over 500 students for our STEAM Space Cities in Space Conference and 300 space experts, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs for our Space Settlement Symposium.



Sat, Nov 10 2018 8:00PM - 11:55PM
Austin, TX, United States

Space Cowboy Ball - Single Ticket


Space Cowboy Ball Table (8 Seats)


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