Might upgrade this one to dual-core Opterons here soonish. Cedega doesn’t seem to be cuttin’ the cake for me. If it is then your installation is successful. Odd how times have changed, isn’t it? In my case, gobs of memory aren’t necessary, but I have seen some who can use all they can get. Solaris 10, but may get Solaris Express b63 instead. Intel Pentium 4 3.

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Apacer 16 in 1 USB Mouse: Dell M Ubuntu 6.

Also called an 7660gxk8mc-rs 2. Overall I am pretty impressed with Ubuntu 7. Add solution for CMOS checksum error message caused by changing intruder.

Foxconn Windows Sound Card Drivers Download

This machine runs like a champ! Puppy linux is amazing on this machine. Select “Device Manager” from “Control Panel”. I also have a dedicated server in a datacenter in 760gxl8mc-rs Diego which I have leased for the past 4 years for production stuff.


Foxconn GXK8MC-RS Motherboards > Downloads Free! Drivers, Manual and BIOS

Soon this will be mine Finally got it working! P Intel P4 1. Quite cheep I think. My pride and shame. Toshiba M Centrino 1.

xudio Well I guess you just have to work with what you have. I also have an as-yet-unnamed troll doll on top of my monitor. Windows vista 64bit, ubuntu 7.

Foxconn Windows 98 Sound Card Drivers Download

Homebrew from a couple years back. HP Pavilion xt Notebook Kubuntu 6.

But hey, I’ll take it! I have a new machine: My future computer shameless plug: Patch for installed memory show error 3. My computer is a computer believe it or not I build from parts that other people gave me. 760gxk8mc-fs I had some of those set ups myselft.

Work server best one I maintain: Hitachi 80GB rpm drive.

What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread [Archive] – Page 5 – Ubuntu Forums

So it would be a 24 meg in total dual pci accelerated video card. S wow very nice! I saw some awesome rigs!!!


Mozilla Firefox in almost all cases. Custom built Intel P4 2. Just don’t have time wij98 tinker with them myself. I find the strangest threads