For a while I was able to use my eSata express card to work with the external drive when in the 32 bit environment. It works fine as long as I insert it before I power up. LaCie replaced both drives and replaced the PCIe card you had the link to in your post, but still the same problem. If you have the card icon on the menu bar, the problems may not be in the card. Am hoping to purchase an MX02 soon.

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Apparently the driver still works. The board worked some of the time with lipn eSATA drive connected only. I feel I was getting that with FW I used Bootcamp to boot vista, which does support the card, and it could not see the raid configuration on the Venus raid enclosure I have, which means there is a difference in the way the raid is put together. Mountain Lion requires 2GB of memory, but runs liob on 4GB, and can tame the most demanding apps with even more.

I’m afraid to turn off my computer tonight tough I was about an hour from going to the Apple store to pick up SL. It seems to be the copies where it really has problems. Add up to Hi there, I have been reading Rafal Lamberts mail which recommends leaf-computers eSata Express Cards as a solution to the desperate problem of no eSata connection to my external hard drives due to upgrading to Snow Leopard.


It is however quite a bit more expensive.

Do people raid multiple eSATA drives together with a card like that? But today, a light at the end of this particularly irritating tunnel.

Flash takes advantage of hardware acceleration to deliver High Quality video with minimal overhead. I haven’t woken up from my dream so far, but I’ll keep you posted as any news develop. All the best, Simon “Is it me or do I spend half my life watching little grey bars turn into little blue bars??

I suspect the people that are still experiencing esata issues with the latest drivers are using RAID, the people that have apiotem working did not use RAID. For months, no one had the answer, Lacie, digidesign, apple, friends and family. As of right now both machines are running fine. Not in 32bit or 64bit environs.

X Incompatible More Information. Familiar Applications Have Changed: Return to posts index. Now how often does THAT happen?? Anyone know anything about RAID?

Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards

It works fine as long as I insert it before I power up. After reading all of this my heart just sank. I have not seen the Kernel panic stuff happen – but again, the card isn’t showing up in Profiler either.


First off you say you only have a terabyte of data thats not much so I’m betting you have s mall drive raid, most enclosures of that size also have a USB connection, I know mine does. When I did, my LaCie drive disappeared! Delighted with the outcome.

Apiotek ECD Dual eSATA Lion Driver Update

Apkotek downloaded the driver from Dynex too, with again no luck. A couple of days ago I contacted Sonnet by mail and was recommended trying a SiliconImage driver so that I could use my card to see my external disks when working in 64bit environment. Okay, I just had the strangest experience This is how a large portion of the webpages and videos are viewed on the internet.

I upgraded SL to