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Sometimes this is only necessary the first time the software is invoked, and subsequent software runs can use lower privilege levels. ASCOM broken by windows update! This can cause you to run out of COM port numbers, and you will have to take steps to delete the unused port designations to free up a lower COM port number. Operating Systems OS levels offer different compatibility with various. Care has been taken to assure that this driver works with both earlier and revised firmware versions.

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This happens because software can access the serial port functions in a variety of ways.

ASCOM ServoCAT Driver Help File

Chooser – When the mouse pointer hovers over the Properties A miss-wired or defective cable will also cause connection failures. Another option is to mount your laptop computer so that it is directly attached to the scope. Next, you may be able to do a web search on that error message to see what others have done to fix the error. There’s nothing I can do to help. Unread post Thu Dec 03, 9: One new step is needed with the Argo Navis: My help fqiled earlier Platform versions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Hopefully that will encourage them to do something to fix it.


Version 6.1 SP1

Looking forward seeing what Celestron have answered. I think the right guys with the right skills are on it! This issue is not resolved. We do not have the ability to compensate for this fundamental differences between 32 and 64 bit systems. There is a tendency to try to uninstall and then reinstall software when problems are suspected.

Expected exceptions for ITelescope, IDome, IFilterWheel and ISafetyMonitor members have been added to the interface documentation in the help file Platform build and version numbers have been consolidated to a single form: In some cases, this has revealed a weakness in the implementation of the serial port used by some inexpensive USB to serial port hardware. Here is what cyooser source Tenforums had to say:.

Peter Simpson also provided invaluable assistance in implementing Astrometry. Please see the notes on Deprecated Components below.

Note Driver and application developers: Just a follow up ascpm this, make sure to delete all three ini files I. I would like to thank all of these people for sharing their source code, tools, knowledge, and support, all of which has helped to make this project successful. Earlier Platform versions may be available from unofficial sources.

ITelescope, IDome, IFilerWheel and ISafetyMonitor interface documentation in the help file now clearly identifies the “required” members that all drivers must implement and that a client can expect to be functionally implemented.

This Stand-Alone installer is required for all platform versions higher than v4. Unread post Fri Nov 27, 3: We would buy them in batches, enough for six months, and would test with that particular version of software and hardware.


For those drivers that do, you can capture a trace of the serial traffic to and from the device by using serial tracing. I have not lost confidence in Celestron, and still believe that this matter can be resolved in a professional manner that satisfies me, a longtime owner and loar of Celestron astronomy gear.

As noted above in What’s New 7this version of the driver supports Sync internal to this driver. Use this to set the location of the serial trace log and to turn tracing on and off. Refraction correction will have the biggest effect on objects that are low in elevation and closer to the horizon, where atmospheric refraction is greater because you are looking through more air.

Unread post Sat Dec 12, 9: An on-screen telescope cursor will indicate where the telescope is pointing, and the pointer should reflect the fact that the scope is tracking.