GeForce2 Pro based videocards have a graphics processor with core working frequency at MHz. But you lose image quality. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. You’re unlikely to choose the standard sound that comes with the program, which is far too quiet and practically incomprehensible. From that point on ASUS entered a much bigger arena, in which manufacturers such as Creative Labs fight for the crown, and your money. As for DVD-Video playback, we haven’t any problems here.

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For you to compare we give the graphs of 2 more por Execute other security control programs. Most GeForce2 GTS boards exhibit a certain amount of cookie-cutter similarity, because they’re all based on the same reference design.

Full frame rate DVD to i resolution.

Review: ASUS AGP-V Deluxe GeForce2 GTS graphics card

The smaller the file, the lousier the quality. So you’re not paying much for all of asys extra bits in the Deluxe package. Your monitor can’t display anything like as many frames per second as a GeForce2 can generally feed it at byand it’s questionable whether your brain could tell the difference anyway.

SmartDoctor system isn’t here also. You can fit an hour of by video into 3Gb or so v7700 you compress it while it’s captured – and you won’t need a super-new processor to do that.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: When the Ultras are out, a plain GTS board will cost less than half as much – heck, it’ll probably cost less than half as much even if GTS prices don’t drop at all.

And a TWAIN driver that lets you import single frames into a graphics application, for easy use of a motion video device as an impromptu still camera. If you want quality real-time hardware compression of high resolution which, in this case, means by high asys rate video, you still need a dedicated capture card. So don’t get too excited about the Ultra.


There is also a blank space for a connector for digital monitors. I should notice that its overclockability is quite promising. The included v77000 disc that comes with the V Deluxe is version 5. The auto-notification system serves as your private security or reception system.

ASUS V Deluxe 32MB GeForce2 GTS

Whatever way you get your video, you can hack it around in Ulead VideoStudio v4. Each manufacturer has its own strategy to make their card distinguishable from the competition; Hercules has added RAM-heatsinks, Creative Labs has reduced their prices, and ASUS has decided to tackle this issue with features, and lots of them.

It won’t work any better, but then again it doesn’t need to. Nevertheless, GeForce2 GTS based vidoecards with 64 MBytes local memory were released, though they sold quite badly, since everybody was waiting for GeForce2 cards with a higher performance memory. Capture the detected unusual condition in high quality AVI file. They’re all AGP cards and capable of the 4X maximum AGP speed mode, too, though the real performance difference this gives over 2X on current systems is very close to zero, and 2X isn’t much better than 1X either.

And it’s still not a professional package – don’t be surprised if a frame or three gets dropped every time Windows decides to have a peek at its swap file.

ASUS AGP-V7700 Deluxe GeForce2 GTS graphics card

Believe the NVIDIA press release artists and you’d think it came with warp drive f7700 dual reciprocating cancer cures, but in reality it’s just got a faster core and higher rated RAM. The lower-load alternative is interlaced mode, in which lines from the two versions of the scene are one-to-one interleaved down the screen, with the monitor painting them alternately and half of your vertical resolution therefore going west.

An S-Video lead will plug right in as normal, and a short adaptor cable’s included with a plug on one end pdo match the extra pin-holes and connect them up to a standard RCA composite socket on the other end of the cable.


Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. You plug a camera into your PC, you tell Video Security what areas of the image to monitor for movement, and if it sees any, it can save a video assus, run whatever program you configure, send e-mail, or dial a number via your modem and play a warning sound of your choice.

Balanced design increases overall system performance. But if you’re looking for a video-in, video-out card with OK video editing software, a good pack-in game, and 3D glasses as a bonus, and the price won’t force you to sell relatives you actually care about into slavery, then the V Deluxe could be the all-singing, all-dancing upgrade board for you.


I’ve dealt with SmartDoctor before, in my review of the V Pure here ; in brief, it doesn’t turn my crank. Though at that time it was just one of the theoretically possible ways, and today many just play at this resolution with GeForce2 Ultra based card.

GeForce2 Pro is a chip which is installed in the videocards with only 64 MBytes local memory. Noticeably faster than the GeForce2 GTS it is, but at the resolutions you’re probably going to be using, its advantage will be small enough to make the price difference ridiculous.

Apparently, the ASUS video capture utility doesn’t work properly if you’re running Windows on a machine with an Abit BP6 dual-Celeron motherboard, but I had no such system on which pgo test it.