SCSI and RAID Devices


Dedicated to experimental electro-acoustic and electronic music. The sub-projects that work are described and documented on the pages linked below: I’ve got the impression that this tool is somewhat slower than the Windows equivalent. This program doesn’t work, or I am doing something wrong. The “driver” code I mentioned is also available at the above link.

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If I tell it not to check the device id it fails on the bulk erase.

If that works well I might use those for future projects instead. Wed Oct 29, 9: The downside is that the FPGA will lose its configuration after it is reset. As I noted in my last post, this is a rather generic thing.

I am using the board to learn about and gain experience with FPGA bevelopment. View unread posts View new posts in the last week Mark the topic unread:: Hi, You can use picoblaze to program the SPI flash. Avnet support ignored me.

Avnet Spartan 3A Evaluation bottom | Gediminas R. | Flickr

The solution I used was to drop the sample rate to sparttan kHz and run the synth 4 sample cycles for each DAC cycle effectively decimating from kHz to 50 kHz. BTW, Do these genes make my ass look fat? I could buy a module for the Advin programmer we have, but this seems a little excessive for programming one chip, one time. The extra time acnet takes for that routing causes garbage to appear in the echoes due to data errors. When I changed the design to a single shared SPI bus, the timing constraint violations abated and it started to work correctly.


In the case of PolyDaWG, additional rework was required. Hi ScottG, That’s perfect, thanks!

Experiments with a Xilinx Spartan 3A FPGA

When opening a Web Case at Xilinx I choose to interact by email. I also have an Opal Kelly board on order. I finally found Eric’s page Google can be irritating on this.

Whatever he did, it’s working for me. Electrical Engineer – Power Electronics Lead the design of kW-level power systems for our satellites, manage and The reason for purchasing the Avnet board is that it was much cheaper then doing my own board and I thought it would be much quicker. When I try to pick up where I left, I always have trouble remembering what I had done so far and how things work.

Forgive me if I’ve missed something obvious. Fruit flies when you’re having fun.

I was quite satisfied with it. There’s a download link for the most recent version of the tool on the Avnet homepage, but unfortunately, I was unable to get the tool’s recent versions to work with my board. This allowed the use of the SRAM for the delay effect without any undesirable audio problems. I have one at home so I might be playing with it soon. Interaction by phone would have had a faster turn around time, but I don’t know if that would have helped since I found the problem myself eventually.


The sub-projects that work are described and documented on the pages linked below: He got the boards etched professionall and built up a few prototypes. The “driver” code I mentioned is also available at the above link. Introduction to Microcontrollers Mike Silva.

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Create free account Forgot password? Oh, and the download links to their tools registration required. Hi ScottG, This is very interesting!