On a 1 TB drive about gig usable I think. Specifications of the Hybrid solution. Posted January 23, But you can call it what you like, you are a free man. The total number of channels for your Hybrid system will be: Want to try that one. Let’s hope geovision responds to the email

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What you call “dongles” I also commonly see called “USB license keys”, and I’ve known them to go by various other names as well.

Really, Rory, you asked a question, I asked for a simple clarification, and you took the opportunity to be a jerk. Feovision actually cant find any info on that anywhere, not even their own site.

GeoVision USB Dongle Specifications

The Hybrid geofision provides you 8 free IP channels for. In this case, the total number of channels for your Hybrid system is: It really sucks the hard drive space. I also see the breakout cables regularly called geoviison, which is why I asked.

They also go by “octopus cables” in addition to “breakouts”, “pigtails” and “dongles”, and I’m sure several other names. You can have up to 8 ip cameras before a dongle is needed but 16 is still the max.


PM me please thanks. If you have a 32 camera hybrid system, you can still have 8 Geo IP’s on the system without a dongle.

Posted January 29, Posted Geocision 8, The Ip camera has gigs and the other 8 analog cameras fight it out for the remaining gigs. This has confused me from day one. Already have an account? I read the manual and it’s still not clear to me. I dont see many people using them though.

USAVision / GeoVision Support Forum

Posted June 8, edited. Too bad its probably beyond my programming abilities. Posted January 23, Will this be able to be viewed through the geo main system or is there another way? Posted May 31, Not crazy about the minidomes. Edited June 8, by Guest. So that makes me think it’s 16 total. Well in the CCTV industry donglr dongle is the USB dongle and the pigtail is the breakout cable and those that deal with Geovision know exactly what they are I mean really though why on earth would I be asking if an IP camera needs a pigtail cable?


Then I can tell you from experience, lol.

I’ve got a Geovision megapixel camera on my system. The screen divisions go to 16 so camera wouldnt appear to have a channel per se. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Guess it should work out then after all, thanks again. Does the GeoVision IP cam need a dongle? That is me popping another beer as this thread is going to get real interesting!

The total number of channels for your Hybrid goevision will be: