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The sleek and relatively large touch surface allows for smooth cursor movement. The OneKey Recovery key on the right side of the device can be used to activate this process. We observed excessive stuttering even when playing older games. As this netbook cannot be used for more than a few hours on battery and does not have a matte, bright TFT for outdoor use, one might as well buy a It has a lot of controls for 3D graphics and color, which may be important to some people. Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section. Maybe I should try again though.

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Without it, the discharge rate is more like 10W. The stability of the case is not bad. A compact and handy-sized plug power supply would have matched this device better.

Short battery life, mirror TFT, bendable chassis – this The battery also required two hours for a full charge, a rather long time for such a small capacity.

The layout seemed acceptable for the small The only processor slower than that of our test system was the AMD C which scored 0. Highest brightness, in the sun. As this netbook cannot be used for more than a few hours on battery and does not have a matte, bright TFT for outdoor use, one might as well buy a But man, once I got wireless working, and put the thing in my shoulder bag and headed to the cafe on my bike, I was sold. So can we please get a Windows 7 version for this driver?


The measured 42 fps in Fifa 12 was hardly consistent and the game hitched time and again, seriously affecting the gaming experience.

Ubuntu Linux on the Lenovo IdeaPad S206

While there is no turbo boost, the CPU cores can reduce their clock speed to MHz while idle to conserve energy. Keyboard We found typing on the black keyboard of the IdeaPad S to be less than fun. Those wishing to upgrade, clean, or even have a peek under the hood of the Lenovo IdeaPad S are out of luck. At first glance, we were unable to find the speakers of the IdeaPad S as there were no openings or grilles on the smooth base unit.

Review Lenovo Ideapad S206 M898UGE Netbook

Register Sign Lwnovo Help. Once again, the Pentium maintained its advantage of approximately percent. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies.

As this is the last only missing driver I really would like to get this fixed now, as the battery is also small in the S and to have a functioning energy management is highly recommened to get afpi most juice and running time out of our Lenivo In this review, we will demonstrate the positive and negative qualities of the IdeaPad S netbook and explain the above comment. Maybe I should try again though.


System recovery from a hidden partition can also be activated using the same key when the netbook is turned off. The webcam has a resolution of x Message 1 of 2. The idea of implementing “screen off” and “network off” as single keys on the keypad is leovo stupid.

The button emits the 0x10 keyrelease event if it is held down for between 1 and 3 seconds and released.

S ACPI/VCP Driver problem – Energy Management for Windows 7 still missing – Lenovo Community

Most of these instructions will also work for the similar IdeaPad S, but the S has significantly different features, especially in keyboard layout. The volume was acceptable for an In PCMark Vantageour test system achieved similar results with a score of points.

These results confirm our subjective evaluation of a slow operating speed. Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. Memory operations per second.

A deviation of up to 45 degrees from head-on viewing resulted in a mostly unchanged display. Instead of turning on and off, the fan merely adjusts its rotational speed resulting in noise levels between See our Sustainability Report. The price, however, does not include a Windows 7 license.