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A powerful business laptop with a top-quality 4K screen. On the other hand, the DVD-R inserted shortly afterward, which we also burned with the LG, could be played back with no problem. A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone. I have yet to have any more blue screens errors. I have a dvd-ROM as master and my B as slave. Another friend with a mustek driver had no problem reading it, and the ps2 also no problem. The actual surprise came with DVD ripping, because here the B reached an unsurpassed speed.

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Only Gigabyte and NU support faster write speeds. All times are GMT So change your jumper setting and give it a try. My writer 4040g working great and causing no troubles with my computer at all. I attached a screenshot of this. B’s Recorder Gold 5. Another thing is that the dvds recorded at 4x Riteknow don’t work near the end of the DVD. Will this be a problem? Test Results Page This waiting time, however, is not any better among the competitors. Although it delivered uneven performance in our tests, it is priced very competitively.


Only NU can keep pace with similarly short times here. Nero Info Tool, it is free. With CDs, it was between 12 and 16 seconds – depending on the disc type.

The time between insertion of a disc and actual accessibility in Windows was comparatively lgg. I will definitely update to A Another friend with a mustek driver had no problem reading it, and the ps2 also no problem.

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CD Performance Page Once you locate your product on the Web site, LG Electronics offers a good collection of firmware updates, manuals and technical help via email. A solid 2-in-1 detachable with excellent connectivity.

A The features of the B from LG are pretty amazing: I am having lots of problems. Which is your MB, via, intel, nforce? LG also acquits itself well when extracting audio information. Which burning apps you have?

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Do you think this is related? Have you tried using ImageTool to burn your discs? When I delete it from device list, it just reinstalls next reboot. Contact Us VideoHelp Top.


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Disc Manufacturers Falling Behind Page 4: This is not related to hardware. The content of all nine test discs were ripped in lf equally short time.

Hehe, I’ve always wanted to say that. I mean, change the jumpers to:. What’s more, the LG currently is one of the cheapest multimode devices, so our expectations are correspondingly high.

Updating firmware on LG B.