The licence agreement will be displayed. However, the audio will have highest bus access priority. Typhoon is the brand of Anubis. The tuner frequency setting should work but it is possible that the audio multiplexer is wrong. If you don’t know the TV tuner model, you will have to try until you find one of them that works with your card if it does not work, you won’t be able to switch TV channels.

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The chance that someone with the same card listens there is much higher. For problems with sound: Please keep the updates coming as your work is; very much appreciated.

I have no idea where exactly, it works stable for me and a lot of other people. Some cards with additional multiplexing of inputs or other additional fancy chips are only partially supported unless specifications by the card manufacturer are given.

If you have a stereo card, you probably want to insmod this one. If your board has one, you might have to load a helper cph00 like msp Now, the Main installation screen will be displayed, anddepending on your settings, the driver could be properly configured for your card. It is very helpful if you can tell where exactly it broke i.


WDM Video Capture Driver

Making video work often is not a big deal, because this is handled completely by the bt8xx chip, which is common on all boards. No need to be fancy, just an overview.

This also has the side effect of not being able to take advantage of bus parking, thus lowering arbitration performance. Below is a do-it-yourself description for you. They have also stuck an infra-red remote control decoded on the board, I will add support for this when I get time it simple generates an interrupt for each key press, with the key code is placed in the GPIO port.

ALSA for example has everything muted by default. The msp34xx chips are used by Hauppauge for example. As mentioned above, there is a array which holds the required information for each known board.

Drivers Askey Magictview Cph – livinathome

FM mono or AM. With this insmod option you can override this.

The arbiter decision may then continue asynchronously until GNT is again asserted. Note that even cards with same model numbers have depending on the revision different chips on it.

Better to have it than not to have it. If you don’t know the TV tuner model, you will have to try until you find one of them that works with your card if it does not work, you won’t be able to switch TV channels. This makes debugging very difficult for me.


Sometimes problems show up with bttv just because of the high load on the PCI bus. For all the other capture cards you need to specify the correct tuner. The important fields are these two. Of course you need a correctly installed soundcard unless you have the speakers connected directly to the grabber board.

But in case you have problems with the 0. It works just fine in theory and many configurations. This is important, because the wrong tuner type will probably make TV channel tuning impossible.

The PCI ID Repository

Default is 5 usecs meaning 66,67 Kbps. Thanks Many magichview to: The bttv driver prints a line to the kernel log, telling which card type is used.

Other If you use some binary-only yunk like nvidia module try to reproduce the problem without. You may use lower numbers, if I2C messages are lost 16 is known to work on all magictgiew cards. Thus probably a small buglet left somewhere in bttv 0.